Integral Security Solutions has a team of licensed, professional and well-trained security guards offering a wide range of services. Our company strives to meet the varying needs of clients in Washington DC and beyond. We will do whatever is necessary to provide security solutions that offer you adequate protection.

Experienced Security Guards

Integral Security Solutions selects security guards and patrols based on their experience, aptitude, skills and professionalism. We have an elite group of security personnel with law enforcement experience and military background. We have an in-house training program that helps to ensure our personnel deliver exceptional services at all times. All our officers undergo thorough background checks, including criminal checks, drug testing and fingerprints to ensure they are the right people for the job.

Efficient Security Patrols

Our patrol service agents can fit the needs of corporate or residential clients. Whether you need security patrols to show up in plain clothes or wear customized uniforms, we will provide whatever meets your specifications. When assigning security patrols, we carefully consider your needs and ensure the agents work well within your company’s culture. We promise to provide the best fit the first time so that we are able to enjoy a continuous security service.

Commercial Security Services

Whether you own a busy retail store, offices or an industrial building, the safety and security of your personnel and property will directly affect your day to day operations. At Integral Security Solutions, we are here to help you minimize security risks as much as possible. We have unarmed, licensed and fully insured security professionals with experience working in commercial settings. We have construction site officers, reception guards, gate-house officers and so much more.

Residential Security

You’ll need to find a reliable security guard company to help maintain law and order in your residential building. Whether you own a home or are living in a rented apartment, making sure your property is well secured is key. We have officers who can patrol the premises and report to the authorities in the event of criminal activity. We can develop innovative security solutions for our residential clients depending on their unique needs.

Securing Government Agencies

Whether you need video security or surveillance solutions, Integral Security Solutions has a wealth of experience in security state and federal agencies. With a fully-qualified team who possess law enforcement and military experience, trust us to provide an efficient and quality service. We understand the risks involved in such environments and will be ready to offer you the best advice on how to secure the area.